Santa Monica Jaycee
Board of Directors

Perry Klos
Web Design
Hello there, I joined the Jaycees to Network, Volunteer, and give back to the community. What better place to do it than Santa Monica!
What better place to do it than Santa Monica!
Max Montemer
VP of Membership
I joined the SM Jaycees because I was looking for a way to become more involved in the community and also to find
similar aged people who were into similar activities.
Baily Hancock
I've always been involved in extracurriculars, and after moving here from Florida I was feeling the itch to be a member
of a group that not only gives back to the community, but also provides a way to meet likeminded people. I've gotten all of that and more from the Jaycees, and I have them to thank for nearly every job I've had in LA, many of my closest friendships, and my amazing fiance.
Charles Glick
Director of fun
I joined the Jaycees in 2010 because I was interested in becoming involved in the community I grew up in.
I wanted to learn how to make an impact in civil policy, and also meet some new and exciting people.
Josh Koenig
I joined the Jaycees to meet other like-minded people and find new personal and professional development opportunities.
Molly Maher
I joined the SM Jaycees to make professional and personal connections and to better my community.
Jenny Medina
I joined the Santa Monica Jaycees because it was an organization that my colleagues and friends spoke highly of.
I wanted to network with members and be more involved in the community where I live, work and was raised. I was also excited to utilize my event planning experience to produce signature, community events for the organization, something I did at my previous job and miss. From securing and attending monthly networking mixers to our organizing our annual Installation Dinner, the Santa Monica Jaycees help fulfill everything I wanted in a service club. I am proud of the work we do and incredibly grateful that I joined.
Mark Feldman
My initial goal when joining the Jaycees was to participate in community service projects
without the strict level of commitment that many other organizations require. At this point in our careers many "young professions" are working long and irregular hours that often conflict with extracurricular activities, so the Jaycees were a great fit. Shortly after joining I realized the business networking and civic engagement groups also interest me so I joined the Board and became more involved. After three years with the Jaycees I can safely say that I value the social aspect more than anything else and have developed my strongest relationships to date with other members.
Elizabeth Tooke
VP of Civic Engagement
I joined the SM Jaycees because I love Santa Monica and wanted to be part of a group of people that love this place too and want to make a difference.
Magdalena Davis
Executive VP
I joined originally because I was working for a company that thought it would be a good idea to have their young employees tied into
the community outside of work. Now that I run my own business, I understand that a big part of leadership & development is giving back to the space and community you thrive in. I joined the Jaycees for a deeper relationship with my chosen community, to give back, for friendship, to grow as a professional and a person, and I'm happy to say I've found all that and more!
Chelsea Davidoff
To build business and personal relationships with a wonderful group of like-minded people.
Jayme Rosenstock
I’ve always enjoyed volunteering and giving back, so I was excited at the chance to join an organization meeting young adults who share the same interests.
Michael Peattie
Joined because it's an opportunity to better understand your community and create friendships with others in that community.